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Dawn is the Publisher of TW Magazines and strives to create lovingly produced publications. She has applied the experience gained in the world of publishing to a venture close to her heart.

‘I was really inspired by the many people in the area who do a great deal to add something to their community.’ says Dawn. ‘It’s all too easy to sit back and enjoy the fruits of all the hard work, but to volunteer and organise activities can be really time consuming, these people give a lot of themselves.’

Dawn launched the first in 2010, ‘I’d hear about a person or event and want to know a bit more about what was behind it. I guess I like to get to the bottom of things or you could just say I’m nosey! There are some really interesting people in the area, with great stories to tell. I like to think we can help celebrate their efforts.’

It seems Dawn wasn’t the only one who wanted to read more, immediately there was very positive feedback that the magazines were being well received by the readers. The magazines have become an important part of the community, their success lies with ensuring the publications are always content lead. Readers feel respected and the advertisers are happy to know their ad will be seen in the best context.

‘It’s a very rewarding job,’ says Dawn, ‘we’ve been able to help in lots of ways. We’re a platform where all the groups and organisations in the area get a chance to be seen by the community. Getting to know some of the great people that live and work here has been a real pleasure.’

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