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Issue: TW Mag May '13

IT DOES NOT SEEM like three months since I last wrote for TW Mag. Hopefully the winter chill of March and early April will be replaced by a much warmer spring! The changing of the seasons gives the opportunity to reflect on a couple of past articles and to give you a brief summary
on progress.

Twickenham Regeneration
In my last update in February I outlined the Council’s proposals to improve central Twickenham. These included –
Improving the street scene by getting rid of
street clutter and broadening the pavements.
Improving pedestrian safety by upgrading
pedestrian crossings including ‘countdown’ facilities which show how long you have left
to cross.
Improving safety for all by introducing a 20 mph zone.
Upgrading provision for cyclists including new
cycle lanes.

When I last wrote, the Council was in discussion with Transport for London (TfL) regarding the relocation of bus stops in central Twickenham. The proposal was that bus stops would be moved from King Street to strategic points on adjacent roads with some consequential changes to bus routes and bus lanes. The most significant change would have involved rerouting the Northbound 267 and 281 buses along York Street and Aragon Road.

The initial feedback from TfL appeared positive about the proposed re-routing. They have however undertaken further analysis over the last few months and have now concluded that the operational costs of these proposed changes would be too great and that the buses should instead continue to use the existing route on London Road.

The Council’s proposals are therefore being updated in line with these views. The proposals continue to include the removal of all bus stops from King Street and this continues to be a feature of the scheme that is supported by TfL.

Recycling Update
In the November 2012 issue I reported on the cross party Recycling Task Group which I chaired. In March 2013 it reported back. We made 18 separate recommendations to improve recycling in the borough. The full report can be accessed on the council’s website at Two of the key themes were –
To improve the recycling rate in flats,
concentrating initially on paper and card. We proposed the council work closely with the borough’s Registered Social Landlords (RSL’s) and private sector landlords as well to make recycling easier for those who live in flats.
To work on a number of communication
improvements such as using social media as well as the council’s own website to give residents the necessary support to recycle more.

I would also like to thank Dawn for the opportunity she gives us as your local councillors to communicate directly with you in this informal and hopefully informative manner. I am pleased to see that TW Mag is proving to be such a success and contributing to our community in South Twickenham.

The South Twickenham councillors would like to invite any ward resident to join us at our surgery every second Monday of the month from 7–8pm at the Council offices in York House. No appointment is necessary as we operate on a “drop-in” basis. It is however helpful to have some advance notice of the topic beforehand in order that we can do any necessary research. Should your issue be more urgent then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any of us on any council or local community related topic by telephone or e-mail. All of our contact details are on the Council website.

Cllr David Porter