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In a post George Floyd world, Fr. Azariah France-Williams’ book is timely.

He has been a Church of England priest for over a decade and in August, launched his book, Ghost Ship: Institutional Racism and the Church of England. It is already making waves. 

conversation with clergy, lay people and campaigners in the Church of England. Ghost Ship uses first person narrative, morality tales, philosophical observations and historical analysis – all bound together in a poetic and elegant style.

The book is surprising, cheeky, and clear. One reviewer has written: ‘It has you nodding along, and then slaps you on the side of your head.’  France-Williams issues a stark warning to the church, demonstrating how black and brown ministers are left to drown in a sea of complacency and collusion.

A quote from the introduction states:

“To love oneself as a black person in the UK is an act of resistance to the pressures and powers that are actively bearing down to disassemble whatever sense of identity one can muster.”

The book is published by SCM Press and can be bought via their website or through Amazon. 

Fr. Azariah France-Williams

Twitter @AzariahAnglican

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