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There’s nothing quite as wonderful as being a novelist. And nothing quite as ridiculous. 

This morning I wandered down to my favourite coffee shop in Teddington and googled how long it takes to bring a body back from America and how many hairs the average person has on his or her head. Then I read through a range of recipes to work out just how much sugar you can put into cake before it becomes inedible.

My ridiculous google searches are for my series of short novels called ‘Adorable Fat Girl’ (described by the Daily Mail as ‘Bridget Jones with cake’).

They feature Mary Brown, my funny, overweight and gorgeous heroine.

The series began seven years when I decided that I wanted to write a book about an overweight woman. It seemed insane to me that there were so few books with larger women as stars. Heroines can be liars, cheats and murderers, but not fat!

I put the book up onto Amazon and waited patiently…it started to sell, and then sell more, then readers started asking when the next book was coming out. 

I sat down and quickly wrote the next, then the next. Then I thought I‘d take Mary off on a series of adventures: on safari and on a cruise. The sales grew and Mary developed a life of her own.

Next I decided to write a mystery book called ‘Marvellous Mary Brown and the Mysterious Invitation’ in which Mary received an invitation to a funeral. The man who died had asked, on his deathbed, for her to attend, but she had never heard of him. Indeed it turned out that the other five people at the funeral had never heard of him either! They had to work out why they had been invited in order to inherit his millions. 

The follow up book: Marvellous Mary Brown and the Mysterious Manhunt came out on 1st January this year and completes the mystery. I’m planning to write more mystery books very soon.

As well as that, there are loads more Adorable Fat Girl books coming out, including a very exciting one for Valentine’s Day.

It means there’s lots more research for me to do. Right now I need to sit down and work out how tall the average giraffe is and whether it would be possible for a small monkey to climb up a giraffe’s neck. All in a day’s work!

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