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Catherine Randall’s debut novel, The White Phoenix, is an historical novel for 9-12 year olds, set in London in 1666.

After the sudden death of her father, 13-year- old Lizzie Hopper and her mother must take over The White Phoenix, the family bookshop in the shadow of St Paul’s Cathedral. But England is at war with France, and everywhere there are whispers of dark omens.

As rumours of invasion and plague spread, Lizzie has to battle prejudice, blackmail and mob violence to protect the bookshop she loves.

When the Great Fire of London breaks out, Lizzie must rescue more than just the bookshop. Can she now save the friend she wasn’t supposed to have?

Catherine Randall has lived in Teddington for 10 years. She is known for her two local history plays, The Teddington Review, and Letters from the Front, and has been a regular contributor to TW11.

The White Phoenix will be published by The Book Guild on 28 August, and is available now for pre- ordering from, Amazon, Foyles and direct from the publisher’s website: Twitter: @Crr1Randall

Four stories in one!

I have a twin brother. Everyone calls him Jimmy, which is sort of the English verison of Dimitri, his actual Greek name. Our mum’s Greek, you see.

I’m Cally, short for Calista, which means, I don’t want to sound big-headed or anything, but it means ‘most beautiful’.

I’m not sure about Dimitri, but if Dimitri means most-annoying-brother-in-the-whole-wide-world, then that’s him.

Join Cally and Jimmy in four hilarious stories! They get into scrapes together, bake some poisonous cakes, almost ruin their school assembly and finally have a twintastic birthday party.

The author Zoe Antoniades is currently working with Andersen Press on the Cally & Jimmy series for children.
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