Celebrating National Vegetarian Week!

If you thought vegetarian dishes were bland and boring, think again! 

Indeed, vegetarians are often keen foodies, and there are many benefits of incorporating vegetarian meals into our diets: a healthier lifestyle, the environment, and preventing animal cruelty. Even one vegetarian meal a week can make a difference so, with National Vegetarian Week running from 10th to 16th May, we asked some of our best-loved local businesses for their suggestions to make it fun…

Vanessa – Grumpy Dumpling

“Growing up in a half-Indian, half-Chinese family, a lot of our meals were naturally vegan, packed to the brim with intense flavours. When it comes to Asian cooking, we use an array of herbs and spices to elevate our dishes. Asian vegetarian or vegan dishes should not be seen as a compromise – they are just as tasty, if not tastier than any meat-based meal! 

“I am very proud of Grumpy Dumpling’s vegan ramen broth; I would never serve something I wouldn’t love to eat myself! I’m launching picnic boxes and garden catering mid-May, with delicious vegetarian options, small bites to share outdoors with friends and family.”

Grumpy Dumpling, Hampton Wick

Website: grumpydumpling.co.uk | Instagram: @grumpy_dumpling

Linda – Brewery Market

“More varieties of beer exist in the world than wine and cocktails combined. Yet all you need are four simple ingredients: water, barley, hops and yeast. Beer is naturally vegetarian, although some beers are brewed with lactose. 

“Brewery Market is a Draught Apothecary, a specialist craft beer shop, tasting and event space. Our top beers in honour of vegetarian week are:

  • Alvinne – Phi Rhubarb (8% abv) a pale strong beer, 
  • Siren – Futurist (4.8% abv) a gluten free beer 
  • Mikeller – Limbo Raspberry (0.3% abv)  a refreshing non-alcoholic beer

Mention this TW article in-store to get 10% off 🙂

Brewery Market, Church Street, Twickenham

Website: BreweryMarket.co.uk | @Brewery_Market

Besa – Caffe Toscana 

Caffe Toscana prides itself in providing a wonderful atmosphere, beautiful coffee and amazingly tasty cakes, which are also perfect to celebrate Vegetarian Week! 

“At Toscana we try to make a real effort with different and delightful vegetarian dishes daily, from salads, pastas, breakfasts and sandwiches. My favourite dish is my halloumi & goats cheese brioche bun and my infamous Melenzana parmigiana. Over the summer the watermelon, feta cheese & basil salad is mouth-wateringly good.

Caffe Toscana, Stanley Road, Teddington

Facebook: @caffetoscana69 | Instagram: @Toscanateddington

Yousuf – Tsaretta Spice

Well-travelled Head Chef Yousuf Mohammed knows a thing or two about spices, which, if you are switching to a more meat-free diet, can really help take your cooking to the next level. Indian dishes are synonymous with spice, ranging from mild & aromatic to mind-blowing. As a top Indian cuisine chef, Yousuf constantly balances flavours and blends spices to create really striking dishes. Two favourites currently on the menu are Mysore Katrika (spiced aubergine cooked in yoghurt, mustard & peanuts) and Gobi Adraki (cauliflower cooked with ginger, cumin and onion).

What spices should be in your pantry? Chef suggests cumin, turmeric, cinnamon, paprika, garlic, sea salt, nutmeg, peppercorns, sesame seeds, and red pepper flakes.

Tsaretta Spice, Church Street, Twickenham 

Website: tsarettaspice.com | Facebook: @tsarettaspicetwickenham | Instagram: @tsarettaspice

Not sure you can follow a vegetarian lifestyle every day of the week but keen to make some changes? Nick from The Green Butcher has some advice:

“A positive step is to support butchers and farmers raising their livestock organically and 100% from pasture. Pasture fed, organic meat and dairy from regenerative farming is being proven to deliver benefits for the natural environment, for animal welfare and for human health.”

The Green Butcher Certified 100% Pasture Fed & Organic Meat & Dairy Direct From Our Farms

Website: thegreenbutcher.co.uk | Facebook: @thegreenbutcherTW2 | Instagram: @thegreenbutcherTW2

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