Could You Have Hidden Treasure?

Is your home a treasure trove? Antiques expert Charles Hanson reveals what to look for in lockdown.

A lockdown clear-out could pave the way to an auction windfall thanks to unprecedented high demand from buyers across the world with cash to splash.

Despite lockdown, Hansons Auctioneers is witnessing phenomenal sales, which means now, more than ever, it’ s a good time to sell.

Charles Hanson, owner of Hansons which has salerooms in London, Oxfordshire, Staffordshire and Derbyshire, says: ‘Online auctions offer people a way to explore the world of antiques and collectables from the comfort of their armchair. Lockdown has led to a pent-up desire to enjoy some retail therapy and have some fun, something auctions offer.

‘If you’re grounded at home, looking to downsize or change your décor, now’s the time to delve into drawers, cupboards, attics and boxes. Perhaps you have something tucked away worth hundreds, or even thousands, of pounds. A long-forgotten item could be a collector’s item. 

‘All types of jewellery, gold coins and silver are currently selling well. In Hansons’ first silver and jewellery sale in 2021, there were strong sales for silverware, such as cutlery and tableware. Brown antique furniture sales are enjoying a resurgence, too. Toys and railwayana could also net you a tidy sum. All 230 sold in Hansons’ February toy auction – from handmade model steam trains to early Star Wars figures, dolls and teddies. 

‘The key is never to dismiss anything, whether it’s an old toy or game, book, map, medal, militaria item, coin or piece of jewellery. It just might be worth more than you imagine.  In 2020, Hansons unearthed the UK’s biggest lockdown find of the year – an Imperial Chinese wine ewer which sold for £490,000. It was found boxed up in a South Derbyshire garage. And coming up in March, we have a Harry Potter first edition, given to a family 20 years ago, that almost ended up in the bath. Its estimate is £20,000-£30,000.’

Hansons offers Covid-safe home visits to value collections, house clearance/downsizing services and free virtual valuations. To find out more or book an appointment, contact Director Chris Kirkham: 07469 353 077 

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