Councillor’s Update

Park Lane Stables 

I’m pleased to report that the Council has approved the designation of the Stables as an Asset of Community Value. That means that, if the freeholder decides to sell, he has to give the community the chance to put in a bid (though he is not required to accept it). It can also be a material consideration if there is a planning application for change of use. Given the site history as a former fire station, I am now asking the Council to consider designating the Stables as a Building of Townscape Merit to give them further protection.

Controlled Parking 

The Transport Committee has now agreed in principle to a number of groups of streets in Teddington having controlled parking and a second stage consultation will be carried out. The map which went to Committee  shows in dark green the proposed new controlled areas and in light green areas that are not proposed but have a second chance to join. The Committee agreed to add Kingston Lane and Clive Road to the dark green areas. I emphasised to the Committee that residents had been waiting for many years after previous rules counted abstainers as against.

Bushy Park Traffic

The Council has written to Royal Parks asking that a decision on permanently halting through traffic be deferred for a year to February 2022 to enable traffic diversion post-Covid to be taken into account. At present traffic on the relevant roads in Teddington has fallen by 20%. The Council has also asked that Royal Parks fund any review of parking in surrounding streets arising from displaced parking.

Relaxation of Planning Rules Affecting High Street

Since 1 September many changes of use in high streets no longer require planning permission. So the change of use at No 122 from the Gardenia Florist to the La Pesca restaurant does not in itself require planning permission though licensing still requires consent.

Sandy Lane Radio Mast

The Planning Inspectorate has agreed with the Council that the proposed higher radio mast in Sandy Lane is visually obtrusive and should not receive consent.

The Garden Last Month

Clematis “Jingle Bells” distinctive pale yellow-green flowers appear in January and growth of new shoots continues for a time. In the summer this stops and in some years the leaves go brown and die back only to recover later in the year.

Teddington Library Roof Works

The Library will be closed from 15 February to 9 May for essential roof works.

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