Councillor’s Update

By-election result

At the same time as the Mayor and GLA election on 6th May there was a delayed by-election in Hampton Wick ward, soon to be renamed Hampton Wick and South Teddington. This followed the resignation of Dylan Baxendale of the Green Party. The result was the election of Liberal Democrat Petra Fleming with more than half of the vote.

Progress on Teddington Station lifts

Heads of Terms have now been agreed between Network Rail and Buds Nurseries, which means the lengthy and complex process of compulsory purchase of the shed site and temporary access is no longer required. The necessary planning applications have now been approved so we hope to have a building start date soon. Meanwhile repairs to the southern footbridge have been approved and we hope to see them carried out soon.

Capital works in Teddington

The Council is investing substantially in capital works on its facilities in Teddington. Work has just been completed on a £200k scheme for the top floor of Teddington Library (pictured), while £400k is to be spent on repairs to Teddington Suspension Bridge and £700k on new boilers and air-conditioning at Teddington Pool.

Public recycling sites  

The council is increasing the frequency of collections in a bid to keep the recycling sites tidier. Some of our sites in Teddington have experienced fly-tipping – to combat 

this, additional signs will be installed to 

remind people about fines of up to £400. CCTV cameras may also be used to help identify offenders. 

The garden last month

After a dry, cool and sunny April, May provided more mixed weather for the many flowers in bloom. Pictured is the Spring Vetchling or Lathyrus Vernus. With purple flowers that fade to greenish-blue, this little plant is a clump-forming herbaceous perennial, which flowers profusely then rather disappears from view until the next year. It self-seeds with occasional plants with clear pink flowers, and likes semi-shade.

Cllr Martin Elengorn

Martin Elengorn is a long term local resident and Councillor for Teddington Ward.

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