Councillor’s Update

Controlled Parking Zone

At the time of going to press, signage and equipment for some of the additional roads were about to be installed and final re-consultation in other areas was imminent.

Views and vistas

As part of the Local Plan, the Council has made a study of local views deserving of protection. Among the views not previously protected are that across Udney Park Playing Fields (pictured here), and down Ferry Road towards Teddington Suspension Bridge.

Community Cargo Bike Scheme

The Council has launched a Community Cargo Bike Scheme for Teddington. You can register to hire a bike at A qualified instructor sets up an introductory session including a tutorial. During the pilot phase, the first two hours of the bike hire are then provided free by the Council. Costs after that are between £3-£5 per hour. 

New affordable housing for Teddington

Informer House, the former rather diminutive newspaper office, at the top of the railway bridge in Teddington, has now been replaced by a block of 22 one- and two-bedroom shared-ownership homes. Following targeted marketing by Richmond Housing Partnership, all the homes have now been sold to first time buyers living or working in the Borough.

Local Hampton Wick and South Teddington councillor Jim Millard (centre) is lead Councillor for Housing and has also become one of the two Deputy Leaders of the Council.

The garden last month

My photograph shows Red Valerian (Centrathus Ruber), a perennial introduced from Europe c 1600 and found wild in well-drained areas such as the seaside but also in gardens. As well as red, there are pink and white varieties. It self-seeds and the only attention it requires is to remove spent flowering stems in the winter.

Cllr Martin Elengorn

is a long term local resident and Councillor for Teddington Ward.

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