Councillor’s Update

Elleray Hall Re-Provision Update

The Council’s Adult Social Services, Health and Housing Committee last month received a report on the recent Community Engagement and Consultation exercise on proposals for a new Elleray Hall. They noted general support for the provision of the new social centre but some concern on the use for it of the North Lane (East) Car Park. It was thought that parking issues could be satisfactorily accommodated but this would be separately addressed by the Council as Highways Authority. It was agreed to seek offers and interest from affordable housing providers for the present Hall site and capital finance was approved to bring the process up to Planning approval stage.

Station Lifts Receive Planning Permission

The Council has now granted planning permission for the lifts at Teddington Station and Network Rail now need to acquire land, if necessary compulsorily, on the Station Road side where a shed belonging to the nursery stands in the way.

Social Distancing Works

As a matter of urgency, using Government funds, the Council is carrying out temporary works to facilitate social distancing in shopping streets as shops re-open after lock down. In Broad Street this involves creating more room round the Hogarth bus stop to separate bus passengers from passers by and suspending some parking spaces by the narrow pavement past Tescos. In the narrowest part of the High Street two parking spaces outside the Post Office will be suspended and other minor works carried out. In both streets traders will be asked to remove A boards that make social distancing more difficult.

A Very Dry Spring

After an exceptionally dry May we had some rain in June. Residents are thanked for adopting new street trees and flowering plants in cattle troughs and keeping them going through a dry Spring.

The Garden Last Month

My photograph shows Red Valerian (Centrathus Ruber) a perennial introduced from Europe c 1600 and found wild in well drained areas such as the seaside but also in gardens. As well as red there are pink and white varieties. It self seeds and the only attention it requires is to remove spent flowering stems in the winter.

Martin Elengorn is a long term local resident and Councillor for Teddington Ward

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