Free Range Working

Bringing The Freelance Community together at The Anglers.

Working from home and not having to commute on a regular basis sounds like the dream to many, and there is a lot to love about it… The flexibility, the fact it allows people to spend more time with their family and be location independent. While these aspects are great, it can also have some seri- ous and sometimes unexpected effects on workers social lives. It can lead to feeling extremely lonely and isolated. Add on top of that, if you are a parent and trying to figure out the best childcare solution around flexible variable hours. Often there isn’t really anything and you either over-commit hours at expensive nurseries or scramble around last-minute trying to find cover.

In the spring of 2018, 36 year-old Lauren Roberts, mum to then 7-month-old boy, Leo returned to work working from home as a remote employee for Skype, and found herself in exactly that situation- feeling lonely and wondering why there wasn’t any local support for people working from home. She started writing a blog about her experiences and found many other local people in the same situation. Using Instagram, she suggested meetups for co-working. A year and a half later and it has developed into a co-working community with an attached creche facility in case any other parents needed to bring pre-schoolers with them too. Previously called “Mumming,” now being renamed to “Free Range Work Club” because it’s not just for parents.

“What is hard about what we do is finding the right spaces and making it affordable” says Lauren.

She continues: “We needed venues that are able to offer us a space suitable for co-working as well as a separate area for the creche facility to run. The team at The Anglers have been so supportive. We are there every Monday morning and they always greet us with a smile- they have become like colleagues. Going it alone isn’t easy, even though sometimes on social media it can be portrayed that way. The Anglers have provided a great community space for us and we are so glad we get to co-work there every Monday morning!”

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