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Jessica is a passionate and energetic local mum and business owner, but what is most exciting about her is that she is the current Ms Middlesex Galaxy and is heading for the UK finals in March, aiming to represent the UK at the international finals.

What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning? It has to be my goals list. I write them out every morning as if they have already happened. Writing “I am a wonderful mother and partner”, or “I have a best-selling book”, first thing, not only gets me up with a bounce but keeps me going all day.

What challenges do you face and how do you overcome them? I owe a lot of my positivity to losing my mum to cancer in 2015. While this may crush many people, it gave me a deep perspective on life and a zest for managing my time. I don’t have time for negativity and moaning. Nothing wrong with a quick vent, but more than that is just wasting your life on things beyond your control. Learning to manage my time really made me focus on the things that mattered, and I’m very good at saying ‘no’ in all areas of my life now.

What made you start your own business? I run two businesses: one as a personal trainer, because I am very passionate about health and fitness, and the other as a coach and mentor helping mums create life structure, with skills like time management, decluttering and goal setting. I see so many mums struggling with what should be a blessing, and I want to help make life easier and happier. Competing in beauty pageants really fits well into all of this. The platform I promote through pageantry is Goal Getters – helping women over 30, who feel stuck, achieve their goals. It’s my way of giving back what I have learnt from the massive learning curve of life I have experienced so far. I also love the charity and community work that goes with pageantry.

What’s your favourite part of the day? Without a doubt, family cuddles. My family of three is my everything. Second to that is my training in the gym. I love pushing myself to new mental and physical limits.

Who inspires you and why? While I find a lot of my inspiration from my family, my number one has to be God. I came back to my faith after my mum died, and His never-ending love, forgiveness and support blows me away. My relationship with God inspires me every day to be better than before, show understanding and consideration, share my skills and approach everything from a place of love.

What lessons have you learned? Never stop learning. The day you think you know everything is the day that it is all over.

What would the closest person in your life say if I asked them for the one characteristic that they totally like about you? I speak my mind, wear my heart on my sleeve and value family above all things.

What is your favourite place in Teddington? I love The Lensbury and spend a lot of time there with my daughter. We are also big fans of The Park Hotel, especially their sharing platters. And let’s not forget family walks and runs in Bushy Park. Oh, and we attend St John’s, Hampton Wick, which is a fantastic family church and such a place of joy and growth. Teddington, K for me, is such a magical place, and I feel honoured and blessed to live here.

Jessica Barclay

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