Get to Know Your Neighbour

Nadia Day is an Impressionist landscape artist based in Teddington.

She paints views of nature, predominantly Bushy Park, plus commissions from further afield. Her bespoke offering is to include silhouettes of family members within a client’s perfect view.

Spot her work locally at: The Park Hotel & Bar; Handmade Frames, Stanley Road; and Charcoal, Teddington High Street.

What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning? The atmosphere of the great outdoors motivates me to paint, so a school run involving a cycle or jog through Bushy Park ensures an energised painting session later.

What challenges do you face and how do you overcome them? I need to be busy and productive to be happy, so being my own boss I have to set myself goals and timelines. I paint energetically and frantically, which becomes tiring, so I break the day up with visualising wall art for clients’ homes on Photoshop.

What made you start your own business? I used to work in Advertising but during maternity leave, when I could finally pause and reconsider career choices, I realised I should follow my passion to paint landscapes. The appetite I had for it amazed me – I’d clearly been a frustrated creative for years!

What’s your favourite part of the day? Enjoying a boiling bath at the end of a day with my nose in a book.

Who inspires you and why? I am inspired by people who use their hands, tradesmen like tilers and potters. My late Grandad Tom was a carpenter/decorator and he used to make us toys – like wooden stilts and a ping pong table! I think that’s very clever.

What lessons have you learned? We spent a lot of time at Great Ormond Street Hospital with one of my children. This period was a shock which stopped me in my tracks. I realised I’d been gliding through life unchallenged. It humbled me as a person and made me eternally grateful to our NHS staff.

What would the closest person in your life say if I asked them for the one characteristic that they totally like about you? Direct. I can’t help but be honest – which is usually funny but occasionally troublesome.

What is your favourite place locally? I grew up on Richmond Hill. The view there is timeless and classic – a joy to paint. | @nadia_day_artist |

25 artists are offering work for sale via the Landmark Art Fairs Instagram and Facebook pages. For every artwork sold the Landmark will receive a minimum donation of 25% of the sale price. Nadia is donating an increased 35% of the sale of this beautiful Teddington Bridge illustration.

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