Hampton Wick Rocks

By Karen Tyler

What started out as a bit of fun among nursery friends and their families has now swept across a whole community.

A wonderful way of bringing fun and surprise into the kids’ daily walks, fostering community spirit and thanking the NHS – all while allowing those creative juices to flow. That’s the idea behind Hampton Wick Rocks.

The idea is simple:

  • decorate some rocks or pebbles
  • hide them around Hampton Wick
  • see if you can find and re-hide other rocks on your way
  • take pictures of your rocks hiding and upload clues to the Hampton Wick Rocks Facebook Page

It’s been going for a few weeks now and has really caught people’s imaginations. The kids are really enjoying painting rocks and finding them out and about while parents are also finding decorating rocks in the evenings quite therapeutic!

You can find them all over town such as the library and window boxes of local businesses. kids are enjoying leaving them on their friends doorsteps – a nice way of connecting during lockdown.

From animals, pokemon, Disney, Julia Donaldson and even Star Wars – there are so many wonderful creations around there’s definitely something for everyone. Many simply have rainbows and tributes to the NHS.

We started to leave some rocks by Hampton Wick surgery as something fun for people to see. This evolved into the start of a rock snake – a chain of rocks outside that’s already over 300 rocks long.

Anyone can get involved whether you add your own rocks, re-hide ones you find or just admire them as you walk past, we hope they bring a smile to your face. So grab your pens and paint sets and get creative! We’d love to see your rock pictures added to the collection!

Facebook – Hampton Wick Rocks | Instagram – @hampton.wick.rocks

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