Handmade Craft Presents for Christmas

by Josie Shantonas

So many pre-Christmas craft fayres have been cancelled due to Covid19.  But fear not!!! as you will still be able to shop for handmade gifts. Plain and Pearl craft group is based in Teddington. Every year we hold a craft stand at St Mary with St Alban Church Christmas Bazaar, where we sell our craft work to so many satisfied customers, with all sales going to charity. 

This year we are going virtual. 

We have a brand new website, through which we will be selling lots of lovely woolly and other handmade items including: Hats, Toddler knits; Handcreams made from local beeswax; Candles in Vintage Containers;  Christmas cards & decorations;  Project Bags and many more all handmade to a high quality standard by the talented members of Plain & Pearl.  In addition, homemade cakes will be available to order online.  

Please check our webshop, www.plainandpearl.co.uk from beginning of November.  All purchases will be on “click and collect” basis only.  The collection point will be in an easily accessible location in Teddington High Street.  Details will be specified on the webshop. For more information contact mail@plainandpearl@gmail.com

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