How to be Creative

Each month, Imogen Bond, founder of Bumblebee Books, shares ideas to help you find that elusive creative spark – because, as Imogen says, everyone is creative, sometimes you just need a little inspiration! 

Creativity is the second most in-demand skill in the world. That’s according to LinkedIn’s analysis of top company data; it was beaten only by cloud computing. Surprising, isn’t it? So how creative are you? And why does creativity matter?  

According to Steve Jobs, ‘creativity is just connecting things’; it is the ability to make something new. That new thing could be a painting or story, but it could also be a nifty product to help you open a jam jar, a traffic flow system for a busy town or a way of presenting complex ideas to inspire students.  

Creativity needs a rebrand. We’ve got into the habit of thinking it’s about beautiful paintings, poetry or music, and that it can only be done by ‘arty’ people; that it’s only necessary to develop creativity if you want to become an actor or an artist – but as LinkedIn’s survey shows, every industry needs creativity.  

The power of creativity

Creativity helps you generate ideas and solve problems, but it isn’t only useful at work. It helps us to be curious about the world, to better understand others, to ask questions and search for answers. In a divided world, that’s more valuable than ever. 

Being creative also supports our positive mental health; it helps reduce stress and build resilience by encouraging us to make friends with failure.  

Creativity is a superpower.  

I set up Bumblebee, the monthly book subscription that inspires creativity – to change the way we think about being creative. Each month I send carefully curated books from small publishers, along with Bumblebee creative prompts to inspire your own writing, drawing, making or cooking; you don’t need to be an expert  – just have a go!

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