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“Let food be thy medicine” – Hippocrates

Organic foods, smoothies, juicing and fasts are all hot topics at the moment and with the current situation in the world our health and immunity is now top priority for many. 

Whilst fashionable diets have been around for decades, over the last few years we are becoming increasingly aware that what we eat can have a direct impact to our health. We may have all heard the saying ‘you are what you eat’, and as true as this is, a more accurate saying is ‘you are what you absorb’. This refers to your gut and how well it is functioning and absorbing all the food you have eaten. If your gut is in distress and having a hard time doing its job it can have a knock-on effect throughout the whole body; from nutrient deficiencies, hormonal imbalances to blood sugar levels and energy dips. 

The wonderful world of microbiomes; bacteria, fungi and other microbes that live in the gut, need a beautiful diversity and balance to provide a healthy and well-functioning digestive system. When this equilibrium is out of balance it may cause many physical digestive issues, such as SIBO, bloating, abdominal pain and leaky gut, or even potentially exaggerate a range of mental and emotional symptoms. With around 70% of your immunity and 90% of serotonin produced in the gut, if it’s not functioning well it’s understandable you may be feeling less than your strong and happy self.

Nutritional Therapy takes a detailed look into your own personal health, past and present, to see why you may be experiencing health issues and to find the true cause. Taking a holistic look at food choices, lifestyle and triggers that may have brought you this point of health, Nutritional Therapy can piece together a personalised and tailored plan to help get the body back into a healthier and more balanced state. 

Nutritional Therapy generally incorporates positive food guidance, to provide the body with enough macro and micro nutrients and nourishment for the body to thrive, as well as lifestyle guidance through appropriate exercise options for the body as well as the mind. 

While the worlds situation may seem out of our control, we do have the power to take our own health and wellbeing into our own hands and thrive. 

Alex Watson

Nutritional Therapist

(DipNatCNM) (mBANT) (CNHC)

Alex Watson is one of our talented therapists at Vidatherapy, 6 Church Rd, Teddington TW11 8PB, 020 8614 1199

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