On the Wild Side

by Sue Lindenberg, Teddington Wildlife Photographer

Somehow it is a huge relief to put 2020 behind us and move into what will hopefully be a better Year for us all. I pray it will be so and wish Christiane, TW11 contributors and readers all the very best for 2021.

During winter in the wild, the chill and very few hours of daylight seem to indicate a period of rest. Many animals are hibernating – the trees have lost most of their leaves – it is a very quiet and peaceful time – a period of regeneration where Mother Nature is preparing for the arrival of spring. For us a time to relax, draw breath, and with cheerful anticipation in our hearts, make plans for the coming months. These few photos may help to inspire you! 

I have included a photo of the Shire Horses that worked in Bushy Park for a few days in November – they are so special and many of you may not have had the opportunity to see them.

Please continue to be careful, and look out for others. We are not out of the Pandemic Woods yet!


Sue’s contact details are: suelindenberg7@gmail.com, 0740 333 2112

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