On the Wild Side

Last month we could never have predicted the terrifying, paralysing and tragic impact the Coronavirus would have on the world, respecting no one and affecting us all in some way. As I write we are all still in the grips of the virus as the ravages of it have yet to reach their peak. To be able to escape to the park for my hour of exercise each day has been such a joy. I cycle in predawn, there is nobody around then, stopping only for a few minutes on my way out, at sunrise, to take a few photos. For those few minutes as soak up the beauty of the park and the wonderful creatures who I’ve grown to love, thankful that the wildlife, flora and fauna are in the park continue to flourish.  

My thoughts and prayers are with all those of you who have been affected by COVID-19 in any way. I’m hoping that my photos may, for even a few minutes, help to act as salve for your hearts and minds. 

Let us love one another and keep safe. Bless you all.


Sue’s contact details are; suelindenberg7@gmail.com, 0740 333 2112

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