Staying Home and Working Out

The UK has been in and out of lockdown and gyms have shut their doors in the interest of public safety. While this is undoubtedly tough for many, one of the silver linings is that the fitness industry has increased its online offerings with many either completely adopting this approach or increasing their range of virtual classes. All this growth is incredibly positive as it provides a health and fitness resource to the general consumer wherever they may be. 

With virtual classes, there is a wide array of workouts to choose from: HIIT, bodyweight sessions, strength and conditioning, Pilates, yoga – there really is something for everyone. 

All you need to do is set up your mat, log on and start your workout. It means using your time efficiently for you to work out from your own home and maximise your day.

Even if you are streaming solo from your home, by virtually working out with others, you will experience the advantages of real-time workout sessions, with a sense of accountability, increased endorphins and all of the mental health benefits that exercise can provide. 

For those who don’t like the idea of exercising in a large group class, virtual classes are an excellent way of building your confidence in a more private environment. 

Membership platforms often allow you to sign up for monthly sessions or offer free taster sessions at a lower cost, especially compared with gym memberships.

You might be surprised at how often you can fit in a quick workout when you don’t have to drive to the gym or wait until the end of your day. All you need is an exercise mat, a Wi-Fi connection and you can join the live streams, as well as pre-recorded classes, from anywhere. It’s as if your personal trainer is in your home with you!


Angelica Ventura is the founder of AVLiveFitt providing online fitness and personal training sessions. | Instagram: @avlivefitt

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