Winter Skin

Brrrrr! It’s cold out there! Time to protect your skin. The skin needs to be treated differently in different seasons, winter and summer are the extremes.

Keep your skin supple and hydrated all winter long

Don’t neglect your SPF in winter, this is very important as the sun reflects off snow and water so you want to protect yourself, using a light facial SPF 30 that can work over your moisturiser works best.


Exfoliating in the winter months is essential, don’t use anything too aggressive, try a fine natural clay base or a liquid, be gentler with your facial skin. Exfoliate at night, because your skin repairs itself as you sleep, this will leave the skin looking radiant and refined.

You need to scrub down your body too, I’m also a big fan of the dry brush. Brush upward towards your heart and brush your entire body each day. Once a week, add a natural sugar or salt scrub.


Exfoliation and hydration go hand-in-hand. Drink plenty of water in the winter, hot water with lemon and ginger not only increases hydration but is also a natural way to detox the body and improve digestion.

Swap out your daily cleansers for creamier formulas. Even people with naturally oily skin may find it’s not as oily in winter. You may want to upgrade your moisturiser and opt for something richer than you’d use in the summer.

Though it may be tempting to soak in a hot bath, it will dehydrate the natural oils. Take temperate baths and put oil in. I love to use oils in the winter on the face and body. Working the oil into your damp skin helps it go further and use a moisturiser on top.

Dry parched lips

There is little humidity in the air and the skin is thin on your lips. Use a washcloth and warm water and gently exfoliate you lips to get rid of dead skin, a hydrating balm to treat dryness followed by a barrier to lock in the moisture.


Invest in a diffuser to put more moisture into the air. It’s especially helpful at night that’s when we lose the most moisture. Use without essential oils to add humidity to the air or add lavender for a soothing relaxing aroma for sleep and relieving stress. Eucalyptus and tea tree for antiviral protection is especially useful at the moment.

Louise Green CthA, ITEC

Beauty and massage specialist

Owner of Vidatherapy, Teddington

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