A Feast of Photos: The Richmond Park 2021 Calendar

The Friends of Richmond Park’s calendar is more than just a calendar! Each month it brings the Park’s ever-changing scenery and wildlife into homes with a total of 45 excellent images.  All the photos, design and production work are donated and all proceeds go towards conservation projects in the Park. You can buy the 2021 calendar online at http://www.frp.org.uk/shop along with Christmas cards and other unique presents.

© Bartek Olszewski   @1WildShot

The photos are the result of the photographers’ dedication and deep knowledge of the Park and its wildlife. Many of them, including Bartek Olszewski, with his endearing cover image of a red deer calf swimming, make frequent visits to the Park throughout the year, often arriving before dawn.  

© Cath Gothard http://www.cathgothard.com

The variety and quality of the photos is amazing. For example, the December main page is a detailed image by Amanda Boardman of layers of frosted bracken in white, grey and sepia, framing the stag’s head. Stunning!  In complete contrast is August with its four brightly coloured insects, including this Jersey tiger moth by Diane Loch. All 45 images have the name of the subject, so it’s also slyly educational.

© Amanda Boardman @mandsby

This is the 8th year that the Friends have produced a calendar and the process starts on 1 March when we put out a call for photos through our printed newsletter, monthly email bulletin and social media. Both amateur and professional photographers, members and non-members respond. However, it’s not really a competition, as we need to choose photos that show a wide variety of wildlife and also complement each other, not only on each page, but overall between the months. 

© Diana Loch

Our 2021 calendar also has a first — the January main image is the winner of our Winter Tree photo competition. There is so much to look at with the fabulous warm light low from the left filtering into a cool misty stream crossed by a bridge, and the willows clinging to the banks. Well done Cath Gothard!

The results of the winter and summer competitions are on our website and next year we will run the spring competition that was postponed because of Covid – keep an eye on our website and social media for information.

By Vivienne Press 

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