A Year in the Life of the Sun

Local photographer Cathy Cooper recently snapped some glorious sunsets around Twickenham, plus she reveals how you can achieve stunning effects from a simple tin-can camera…

On January 1st, 2021, I attached a tin can high up on a drainpipe on the south-facing wall of my house. The can had a tiny hole in the front and inside was a sheet of light sensitive photographic paper.

A year later, I climbed back out of the window and retrieved the can, removed the lid and carefully took out the now-exposed paper. As per the instruction booklet,

I scanned it, inverted the image and made some adjustments using photo-editing software.

Here is the result – the path of the sun for 365 days from my house in Twickenham using one of the oldest and simplest methods of photography, the pin-hole camera. I think this is nature at its best! 

You don’t have to be an accomplished photographer to get similar results yourself with Solarcan – a camera designed to produce extreme time exposures that capture the sun’s path across the sky. For more information (and to view more of the stunning effects) visit solarcan.co.uk.

Words & Photos: Cathy Cooper

Twickenham Wildlife Photographer


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