Arts Richmond Sketching Days

With Local Artist Nicky Browne

Making the most of the sun, local artist Nicky Browne recently ran a series of sketching days in partnership with Arts Richmond. A member of the Fountain Gallery, Hampton, Nicky has been organising sketching weeks with the Gallery for several years and joined with Arts Richmond and the South West Environment Network (SWELN) for this year’s workshops.

As well as providing artists of all ages and abilities with the opportunity to paint, sketch, or draw as part of a friendly and welcoming group, sketching days allowed participants to explore the borough’s outdoor spaces and, for many, discover new locations. Working in Barnes, Twickenham, and Hampton, everyone from complete beginners to experienced artists was invited to connect with the environment in a creative way, resulting in some beautiful work.

Nicky is also part of the group Urban Sketchers London, which organise free year-round Sketchcrawls. Both Sketchcrawls and Sketching Days create a relaxed environment where people can work creatively, meet other artists and enjoy themselves.

For more information and to get involved with future events, subscribe to the Urban Sketchers London blog or follow their social media, and look out for updates from Arts Richmond on their website and social media channels.

Written by Gemma Craig-Sharples Winner of the Senior Laureate, Young Writers Prize 2019

For more information and to get involved with Arts Richmond visit their website or email

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