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Teddington TW11: A Collection of Local History Articles by Ken Howe

Priced £12.99 and available at Teddington Waterstones, The Loft on Broad Street or via

Local Historian Ken Howe has lived in Teddington all his life, and from an early age he became interested in the history of his hometown and the stories of its residents through the ages. 

For many decades now, Ken has played an active role in Teddington life. A well-known member of the community, he has previously written several books about the town, delving into countless aspects of its history.

For the last eight years, he has shared some of the stories that he has unearthed in TW Magazines, and is now a regular feature writer for the publication.

A Collection of Local History Articles presents the reader with an opportunity to step back in time and enjoy a compilation of the articles, as they appeared in Teddington TW11 Magazine.

The Detour: Turning the Tide by Ben. J. Harris

After the devastation of the 2004 Tsunami, follow this 19yr olds travel home to England, the long way round. An inspiring journey through 11 countries in 8 months with no GPS, mobile phone or back up plan. Follow him through the back door of China, across the forbidden plains of Tibet, meet the opium smugglers of Afghanistan  and the traders in Iran …….16,000 miles later to the White cliffs of Dover .

Available as an Ebook and paperback from online retailers:  Amazon, Waterstones, Book Depository and other online retailers.

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