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Twintastic Antics with Cally & Jimmy

Local author Zoe Antoniades recently published Twintastic, the second book in her series for children about twins Cally & Jimmy. 

Cally has a twin brother, Jimmy, and he is always getting into some kind of mischief, which usually means double trouble. Thankfully, their Greek granny is on hand to help…or add to the mayhem! 

There are four fun stories in the book: the twins make a splash on their beach holiday in Cyprus, run into trouble on sports day, get spooked while trick or treating, and uncover a thief at school.

Twintastic captures the fun and chaos of family life. Yet these stories are as heart-warming as they are hilarious. Narrated from Cally’s point of view, she often refers to her brother as ‘annoying’, but mostly these two siblings are to be found in cahoots…they are truly twinseparable! 

Zoe attended Heathfield Primary and Waldegrave School and is keen to visit our schools in the borough with her inspiring author talks and creative writing workshops. Contact her at

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