Brighter Together: Connecting the Old and Young to Shine Brighter Together

Christmas Joy & Festive Cheer Shared Through a Care Home Window

Brighter Together, a Richmond based charity, has been working with local care homes and nurseries to reduce isolation and improve wellbeing for both residents and young children through intergenerational activities.  Throughout the pandemic, St Margaret’s Montessori and Nightingale House Care Home have been maintaining connections through online sessions of music, games & storytelling which have given joy, stimulation, and purpose for all participants.  

The term culminated in a touching Christmas celebration through the window of Nightingale House care home on 4th December.  The children brought with them excitement and delight at being able to share some festive fun with the friends they have made over the past 12 weeks.  Although mainly meeting through online sessions, they have already formed strong connections.  They were thrilled to see each other to dance, sing and exchange handmade Christmas cards and crafts.  Clive, a resident at Nightingale House said “I always enjoy the children’s visits, but when it’s Christmas it’s a bit more special isn’t it?  It makes me very happy!”

These relationships have also benefitted the children’s development, with Claudia Neves, Headteacher commenting “There is definitely a connection with residents and seeing someone from outside their family has really been helping the children develop their social skills; they are very considerate of the residents and talk about them all through the week at school.  It’s been wonderful to see the connections between the two groups.”

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