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Go Fetch Your Future is a group I run that focuses on understanding and using the spiritual laws for a happier, abundant life. Part of the programme uses information from Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich, written over 100 years ago. Many successful people have read this book – I read it 18 years ago and thought it was great, then promptly forgot about it. Now I study it; the principles are rock solid. 

Bob Proctor, one of the oldest, most successful people on the planet, has read it every day since he was 26. At that time, he was broke, an alcoholic and in serious debt. He is now 87, a billionaire and still reads it daily. If you’re experiencing fear or uncertainty in your working life, or are considering starting a new business, some of the principles in the book may resonate. 

Fear is a robber of dreams. As the French philosopher Michel de Montaigne said: “He who fears he shall suffer, already suffers what he fears.”

According to Napoleon Hill, when we have a goal that is truly a burning desire, not just a wish, we must master:  

  • Desire – a burning desire to be/do/have something, not just a wish
  • Faith – never, ever lose it on that rocky road to your desire because you will be challenged.
  • Auto-suggestion – telling yourself the things you want with constant repetition so that they sink into the subconscious. Otherwise, things you don’t want will be ‘installed’ and become ‘things’.
  • Specialised knowledge – if you have a goal, find someone who has already done it.
  • Imagination – PROBABLY THE MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER. It all starts there.
  • Organised planning – you can’t just dabble.
  • Decision – successful people make decisions quickly.
  • Persistence  – a quitter never wins and a winner never quits.

The following is an extract from Think and Grow Rich: ‘Interview with the Devil’

The Devil says; “One of my cleverest devices for mind control is fear. I plant the seed of fear in people, and as it grows, I control the space they occupy. He says my most effective fears are: The fear of poverty, criticism,  ill health, loss of the love of someone, old age, death.”

Fear is everywhere…we have to be aware of it so it doesn’t rule our life. So, what’s your fear? Do you want to change it? Remember the biggest thing about fear is the fear itself.  

Let’s get rid of that devil!

Denise Bosque

Therapist, Coach, Trainer

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