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This month we talk to Fabrizio Ercoli and Fabiana Giannini about setting up their independent Italian clothing brand, Homeroom, in St Margarets – their first shop in the UK (they have others in Sardinia and Tuscany). Using only natural premium-quality fabrics, they describe their brand as ‘a blend of rugged style with vintage details, resulting in exclusive and timeless clothes for men and women’…

When, and why, did you start your business? 

We started our business in Italy in 2008. We had a passion for the fashion world and in particular vintage fashion.

What challenges did you face when setting up? 

As we had both come from different business backgrounds that were not related to fashion, our biggest challenge was to harness our passion and learn how to create an independent clothes brand within the fashion world.

What do you love most about running your own business? 

We love to research, to explore, design and produce what we like without following any particular trend.

What valuable lessons have you learned? 

Never give up!

Is there anything you would do differently if starting out again? 

Studying fashion would have been helpful to gain a better understanding of the business.

What’s your most popular service or product?

Our garment-dyed and stonewashed artisan clothing range.

What advice would you share with other small businesses or those thinking of starting out? 

Follow a job with passion and love and wake up every morning happy to have had the opportunity to have chosen a job you like.

What are your plans/hopes for the future of the business? 

Expand our brand and share our passion and our style.

Name some other local independent businesses that you love to support. 

We like to support all independent business – we know it’s no easy task to branch out on your own!

What do you love about our local area? 

We love the nature, the river Thames and the architecture of the surrounding area – we find it such an inspiration.

And finally, tell us a little-known fact about yourself! 

We are dreamers, travellers, nature and music lovers and since we met, we have been pursuing our goals together. We are happy to live in this wonderful area! 

Find Homeroom at 2 Crown Road, St Margaret’s TW1 3EE.



Compiled by The Word Sanctum,

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