Completed Community Lockdown Quilt Is Proudly On Display!

A unique community patchwork quilt created by residents reminds us of the community spirit and resilience shown during the first lockdown.

The quilt, consisting of 42 separate patchwork pieces, is on display in the Museum of Richmond and is a lasting memorial of what life was like in Richmond upon Thames during the early part of the pandemic. Each patchwork piece represents the emotions and experiences of the resident who created it.

Whilst the Museum of Richmond is currently closed to the public to comply with the national lockdown, the quilt creators are keen to share video and photos of the finished piece to remind residents of the strong sense of community and hope that exists within the borough during these difficult times.

Special mention goes to Sue Brown, Jenny Mitchell and the Landmark Arts Centre. Sue and Jenny kindly spent many hours stitching the different pieces together and were given space at the Landmark Arts Centre to complete the project before the current lockdown.

Sue Brown said:

“I think it’s an amazing project and is a unique piece made by our local community commemorating a strange time in our history.”

Cllr Nancy Baldwin, who was the Mayor of Richmond when she created the project, said:

“It’s wonderful to see this lasting memorial proudly on display in the Museum of Richmond. I know from speaking to everyone who created a patchwork piece that it was a wonderful, creative and highly personal way to reflect on everything that happened last year.

“I hope it helps future generations understand some of the things that were felt and experienced by the people of Richmond during the first lockdown.

“I encourage everyone to visit the Museum as soon as it re-opens to contemplate and enjoy this unique historical artefact.”

To watch Cllr Nancy Baldwin talking about the quilt project, please visit:

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