Councillor’s Update

Council Decision-Making

This month my focus is on the Council Committees where decisions are taken. I hope to encourage you to follow them live or in recorded form, and perhaps, once in a while, participate in them.

Planning Committee

The Planning Committee is well known because its decisions are localised and can be close to home. People are more inclined to get involved when they feel directly affected by a development application. In pre-Covid days I have been on the marathon ones (e.g Stag Brewery, Udney Park) that filled the large Clarendon Hall in York House. Residents continue to speak at our virtual Meetings. So don’t be deterred.

Services Committees

The decision-making Service Committees, which are also open to public participation, are:

  • Finance, Policy and Resources
  • Environment, Sustainability, Culture and Sport
  • Education and Children’s’ Services
  • Adult Social Services, Health and Housing
  • Transport and Air Quality

The website under ‘The Council’ will give you access to the ‘Calendar of meetings’ and, about a week before, their agenda. All five have a virtual meeting in November, starting at 7pm.

There are nine Councillors on each Committee. I am on the ‘Finance’ (16th) and ‘Environment’ (3rd November) Committees. ‘Education meets on the 2nd; ‘Transport’ on the 5th and ‘Adult Services’ on the 10th.

Topics in November

To give you an appreciation of subjects down for discussion this month:


  • Update on Hammersmith Bridge
  • London ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) Expansion
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Points
  • Twickenham Riverside Parking Consultation Feedback


  • Borough Cultural Strategy
  • School Use of Parks and Green Spaces
  • Street Cleaning Contract
  • Library Strategy
  • Sports and Leisure Facilities


  • Council Buildings – Carbon Reduction Projects
  • IT Strategy
  • Twickenham Riverside – Next Steps (comment below)
  • and, of course, our beleaguered finances


  • Special Educational Needs (SEND) – Futures Plan
  • Young People Transitioning to Adult Services

Participating in Committees

Contact , stating the Committee and agenda item that you want to speak on, or submit a written question about. It is possible to do this up to 12 noon on the working day before a Committee Meeting.

Twickenham Riverside Plans

This month I shall be particularly interested in reviewing progress on the Riverside project. Naturally, after so many decades, I do feel some impatience for it to reach fruition. However, it is an important regeneration project for the Town Centre. We need to be sure of an outcome we can be proud of. The next few weeks will clarify whether the objectives will be met and stakeholder support secured.

Stay Safe.

Cllr Richard Bennett

South Twickenham Ward. Leader, Green Group    

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