Councillor’s Update

Significant Borough Developments

What happens in other parts of the Borough does impact on all our lives. So, this update is a general sweep.

• New Covid-19 cases were dropping in the Borough at mid-November. They were 123 per 100,000 compared with the average for England of 216,

• Former Stag Brewery, Mortlake. The Mayor of London’s Hearing on this major planning application was scheduled for November 26th, but has been postponed. “Further assessment and consultation on the latest proposals and mitigation should be carried out”. Indeed cannot argue with that as they must have finally realised the scale of the traffic problem.

• Hammersmith Bridge. The Government is going to have pay for the solution and the Task Force favours the stabilisation of the Bridge and its eventual re-opening to motorised traffic in 6+ years. Temporary people or vehicle bridges are ruled out. Richmond Council has to focus on cushioning the impact on our residents, and a ferry crossing with adequate capacity is an urgent need to meet.

• Twickenham Riverside. The modifications to plans as a result of Environment Agency views on flood management, and land assembly negotiations with Twickenham Riverside Trust (who hold the lease for the Diamond Jubilee Gardens) and the Port of London Authority (who own the Embankment) are a challenge. A period of public consultation on the developed designs is scheduled to start very soon. 

• Hampton Open Air Pool had their planning application approved. 


One of the pleasing things is how well we are kept informed on what is happening to our trees in the Borough. Apart from the formal inspection programme there are reactive inspections, often in response to residents’ enquiries. Sadly, remedial work is not always the answer. The latest report details 50 trees that are infected, dying and unsafe. We get full details on them and pictorial evidence highlighting the problem. All will be replaced. 

I am pleased that residents in South Road, who have had a particularly difficult year with the opening of the new Lidl supermarket and also the Seat dealership, will be getting the admittedly small compensation of a new highway tree. Witnessing them physically protecting trees that had a Protection Order on them showed me how much people care.

Crane River

My favourite walks this Autumn have been along the Crane River. It is such an asset and well-cared for. My picture this month is very much a late Autumn scene.

Cllr Richard Bennett

South Twickenham Ward. Leader, Green Group    

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