Documenting Our Togetherness During Lockdown

Photography project by Golriz Photography, fundraising for Richmond foodbank.

For the first three months of the Covid-19 lockdown, this new lifestyle made us more appreciative of very simple things we mostly take for granted: Our togetherness, our home, our family

In this project, Golriz photographed 52 local families, cycling to each home during her daily allowed exercise. Participating families made wonderful contributions of over £700 for the Richmond Foodbank. 

With the core beliefs of her business, communication and relationships, both severely constrained during the lockdown, Golriz found this project a brilliant opportunity to be connected to the community, capturing memories. 

Seeing children’s excited faces, the mutual joy of communication with someone new, and hearing their stories were the highlights of this experience: stories about juggling between homeschooling and full time work, about the new ways of loving each other without missing anyone, about having a newborn without grandparents around, or about losing loved ones without being able to say goodbye. 

Each story is an inspiration, worth being told, kept, and heard, now or in the future. These photos will remain as little memories for our community to go back to when the tales of the lockdown are told by our grandchildren.

Running a portrait photography business, Golriz is a lifestyle family photographer. She works with families and entrepreneurs in south west London and Surrey.

Doorstep photography has become a worldwide action. Millions of families have been photographed at their front door by photographers, raising money for hospitals and charities.

To see her work:, 077533357076, Instagram @golrizphotography

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