Essential or Non-Essential?

Well, that is the question for a lot of us in business after lockdown!

If you are an entrepreneur and perhaps have children, it can be a big job, juggling. Have you noticed you do things differently, or are you continuing to work the way you used to?

If it’s a good structure and it works, brilliant.

However, if it’s not and you are finding yourself pulled in different directions and doing bits here and there, is it making you feel unproductive, a bit frustrated? 

I can relate to that, I’ve had too many plates spinning at once and it was making me feel inefficient and out of sorts until I remembered something I read a few years ago by Greg McKeown. He said there are two kinds of people (I paraphrase): The Non-Essentialist and the Essentialist; he was applying this to the working environment, but I find it works in life generally, especially for entrepreneurs. In his view:

The Non-Essentialist: 

• Tries to be all things to all people: Thinks: “I have to”; “How can I fit it all in?” 

• Pursues more and is undisciplined 

• Reacts to what’s most pressing 

• Says ‘Yes’ to everything without thinking it through 

• Trie to force execution at the last moment 

• Lives a life that isn’t satisfying 

• Takes on too much, and work or relationships suffer 

• Feels out of control 

• Generally, lives life in overwhelm 

and uncertainty.

The Essentialist, on the other hand: 

• Believes ‘Less but better’ 

• Believes in ‘The Disciplined Pursuit 

of Less’. 

• Pauses to think about what really matters. 

• Says ‘No’ to everything except the ESSENTIAL. 

• Removes any obstacles to make 

execution easy. 

• Tends to live a life with joy in the journey.

Now there’s a lot more to it than that, of course. However, if you try a couple of these ‘essentialist’ principles, I think you will be astounded at just how effective you are, but one of the nicest things that I’ve found doing this is the inner peace as I work. I try to be mindful of doing just this one thing and not have half my mind on the next. OK, I don’t always succeed, but I am a work in progress and building a great habit.

I would add to that from client and personal experience, that if you live in a cluttered environment that really can affect productivity and motivation; now is a great time to de-clutter and keep it that way. It feels like shedding skin and being ready; it sends the message to the brain: “Yes, we’re ready to do this.” I suggest you try it faithfully for one week; I swear you won’t go back to the old way.

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