Essential Rescue Remedies for Summer

Take a leaf out of aromatherapy wellness expert Mandy Pitcher’s book and have an essential oil rescue kit on hand this summer…  

The warm summer months are on their way and we’ll all naturally be spending more time outdoors. Having a natural first aid remedy kit to hand that can deal with an array of issues – insect bites, cuts, grazes, sunburn – is a great idea. Keep it at home and take it away with you on holiday. Essential oils can work wonders all year round but in the summer they come into their own. 

Keep cool and carry on

Eucalyptus can cool you down. Add it to a carrier oil and massage into hot, sweaty feet. You’ll experience a tingly, cooling sensation, which is lovely. It’s also a natural decongestant so it can help clear the airways when you have a summer cold. 

Lavender and peppermint are a gorgeous, balancing combination to heal and cool when you’ve had too much sun – add them to a base cream or oil, then apply to the sunburn. 

Peppermint can help revive you when you’re feeling fatigued or have a headache coming on; in a carrier oil add a drop and massage your temples or the nape of your neck. Inhalation via a diffuser, or a drop on a tissue, can instantly lift you like a burst of fresh air. Inhaling peppermint can help with travel sickness too. 

Superhero oils

Lavender is the panacea of essential oils – I’m never without it. It’s a superhero for cuts, burns, grazes and insect bites, and is the only essential oil that I would recommend using neat. Simply dab onto the area of concern several times
a day. 

Years ago I sliced into my finger…the cut was deep. Instantly, I reached for my lavender and within a week the area was healed. Over time, the scar became almost invisible. Lavender is antiseptic, a natural antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. I apply it to my ankles where the insects like to bite (apparently unlike us humans they don’t like the smell of it).

Most people are surprised to learn that geranium oil is a blood coagulant. It’s antibacterial and has anti-inflammatory properties. If you have a minor cut, apply it to the bleeding area and watch the blood stop flowing. It’s also another aroma that the insects dislike! 

High up on the list like lavender is tea tree oil, which can be used to treat and disinfect cuts and grazes. Any open wound can be prone to infection. Clean the area first and then add the tea tree to a carrier oil and apply to the area. Cover the area with a plaster or bandage, depending on the severity of the wound. Repeat this process a few times until a scab has formed. You may then wish to use lavender to help the healing process.

Ants in the house in the summer can be a nuisance. Drop some tea tree oil in the area where you think they may be coming in. It’s a wonderful alternative to chemical-based repellents. 

Roman chamomile is a lovely oil for children. Use it for a gentle massage if they have a tummy ache or add a few drops to a warm bath to soothe and calm them after a long day of running around. The summer holidays are lengthy for children and parents too so you might want to stock up on it! 

Blending guidelines: 

5ml teaspoon of carrier oil: 2 drops of essential oil. In a bath, 10ml of carrier oil: 5 drops of essential oil. 

Examples of carrier oils include sweet almond, grapeseed, coconut and sunflower (not the cooking variety). 

For children and pregnancy always halve the amount. Avoid tea tree, eucalyptus and peppermint if pregnant. Only buy essential oils that display their botanical name. Always consult a professional Aromatherapist if in doubt. Treat oils with respect. 

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