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The latest James Bond film starring Daniel Craig No Time to Die may have been filmed in several exotic locations but the post-production sound effects were created by a specialised Foley team at the iconic Twickenham Film Studios.

The cast of this box office hit action movie is not only made up of well-known actors but also a whole swathe of extras including a local 17-year-old girl named Lilie Taylor.

Lilie, who lives near Twickenham Green with her parents, started her career in 2009 when she was only five years old, starring in St Trinians 2, which was filmed at Ealing Studios. Since then she has worked on many films including Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Justice League, The Commuter and Solo, part of the Star Wars series.

Although Lilie needs no special talents, she did have to learn some martial arts moves for one of her recent roles. As with any work in the film industry, all staff have to sign a non-disclosure agreement which is in force until the release date and no unofficial photos or selfies are allowed on set.

So when her father, Jeremy, drops her off at Pinewood film studios where the new Marvel movie is being shot, he has no idea what his daughter will be up to. Sometimes the whole day is taken up in wardrobe while the designer decides what costumes should be worn for certain scenes.

When she has finished her studies, Lilie eventually hopes to work in the film industry full time though it may be in one of the other disciplines such as set design, lighting, directing or special effects.

Maybe she will end up at Twickenham Film Studios!

Words & Photos: Cathy Cooper

Twickenham Wildlife Photographer


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