Following the Dream

Many people return from their holidays with ideas of upping sticks and starting a new life. But how many actually do it – and does real life match up to expectations? 

Twickenham resident Jilly Cowdry spent a year living with her young family in Provence, her move fuelled by an interest in photography. On her return, she set up a business photographing families and local businesses, making use of the abundance of beautiful nature spots in our area as a backdrop.

Jilly’s blog (extracted here) charts how life changed for her as a mum at home at that time, and includes a few special locations you won’t want to miss if you’re travelling there…

“Aix en Provence is bustling all year round with each season bringing something truly unique. While the city is a tourist trap in the summer months and certainly the most popular time to visit, it is peaceful and atmospheric in the winter where restaurant owners replace the outdoor terraces with an enclosed cosier space to enjoy a chocolate chaud. An almost alpine feel!

Our year gave us a better appreciation of life in France and a lifetime of family memories.

There were struggles with the children as they adapted to life at a small, international school,  deep in the countryside outside Aix, but in the end their experiences were so rich, they overcame their fears and bonded with children from many different cultures. 

Aix en Provence balances a rich cultural life along with some of the very best outdoor flower & food markets. Walking through the city is enchanting any time of the year with its magnificent historic buildings and architecture, and exquisite boutiques and restaurants. Café culture reigns along the beautiful Boulevard of the Cours Mirabeau and the pretty maze of streets inside the Roman walls.

The Patisseries became a little obsession (there is a cake for every occasion) along with buying scarves and trying to wear them like the chic French women of Provence.  We attended French class & wine courses and local festivals and met wonderful locals and ex-pats and learnt about their stories.

Time passed too quickly and we returned to London mainly due to work constraints.  In the end making the decision to go was the hardest part.  We are so glad we ventured there and we will treasure the memories of our time there as a family for ever.”

Visit for more about Jilly’s business and her life in France.


Travel Remedies

Ros Milani Gallieni set up her Jet Candy Travel business in 2016, following years of globetrotting with Formula One and travelling on specialist media trips for her business. Her company specialises in consciously created travel remedies, both botanical and homeopathic, alongside ‘bespoke curious travel’. Her jet lag remedy became as essential as a passport among her friends, family and colleagues, countering ailments associated with travel, be it by air, road or sea. This all-natural homeopathic remedy is made by Helios in the UK and, says Ros, it works by ‘stimulating the body to make itself better on the inside, adjusting the body clock to the changing time zones.’ You can find out more at along with more tips for travellers.

Compiled by The Word Sanctum, Copywriters for small businesses.


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