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We live in fast changing times, none more so than the motor industry. Electric vehicles (EV) are taking over and it’s happening rapidly. David Hogben, of Elite Vehicle Chargers, shares some tips for avoiding the easy mistakes that can be made when entering the EV market.

Whether you want to save the planet or acquire a vehicle that avoids congestion charges, ULEZ charges and road tax charges, all roads point to an electric vehicle. The uptake in this area is astonishing; even though the cost is very high, the leasing PCP deals now available allow access to this new technology – but understanding it can be daunting. 

Having a charger at home is the cheapest way to charge your new car; the speed of charge is dictated by the power supply in your house. Most homes in the TW postcode have a single-phase supply so you’ll be limited to a 7KW charger. However, overnight most cars, even if they are low on battery life, will receive a full charge from one ten-hour charge. 

If you’re lucky enough to have a three-phase supply in your home, you can achieve much higher charging speeds, with an 11KW or even 22KW charger. It’s very important to check before you buy a new car that the EV itself can utilise these larger power supplies, as many cars don’t.

The most common home chargers use a Type 2 plug, which seems to have taken the biggest slice of the market (only a few Japanese brands use the Type 1 charger plug). Although there are lots of chargers available, a Type 2 Smart charger will future-proof your home and they will allow charging of the vast majority of all EVs. 

Once out on the road and for longer journeys, rather than using the slower AC chargers both described above, you can use super-fast chargers at service stations. By comparison to home chargers, these units provide DC power directly into the car and so you can refuel in 30 minutes, rather than overnight at home. The enormous cost of these chargers and the limited electricity supplies in most streets means these chargers can’t be used
at home. 

Driving an EV is a delight once you get over the dreaded range anxiety – the cars are silent, non-polluting and are very cheap to run. I guarantee you won’t look back once you experience the complete joy of driving electric. 

David Hogben
Elite Vehicle Chargers (a subsidiary of Twickenham-based Sky Electrical Ltd)

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