Home Is Where the Art Is

I was delighted to see that my painting of Bushy Park made it to the cover of the March edition of the TW11 magazine, for a feature on the forthcoming exhibition of the Twickenham Art Circle. Alas, the exhibition was not to be and, for now, home is where the art is.

I’m not fainthearted though; my Monday Painting Masterclass at Richmond and Hillcroft Adult Community College took place, streaming live and with most of our participants present, by way of the Team Meeting app. We painted, we discussed and we critiqued each other’s work. Most of us have now signed up for the summer term.

I am a keen Urban Sketcher too. Urban Sketching is a world-wide observational sketching phenomenon and I am linked to the London and New York groups. The London group is featuring a 30-day challenge. Each day we sketch a pre-agreed topic and post it online. I’ve been Urban Sketching for some years, and about 50 of us usually turn up at each of the monthly events, but in the last week I have learned more about the other people than I ever knew. Now that we are drawing indoors, I can see people’s homes, their interests, their work and their quirky take on the strange new normal we are all experiencing. I’m now reaching the end of the challenge, on day 28. Quite a concertina! I can see the next batch stretching ahead indefinitely but know that it will eventually come to an end, leaving the memories and the odd little drawings to remind me of the moments that were so intense at the time.

They say that after the crisis things will never be the same and I suspect that this will be a habit I’ll find it hard to break. Once we set foot into the real world again we’ll greet each other like the familiars we never were before.

Helen Hayhoe is a local artist

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