Home Learning Programme

Our successful and comprehensive Home Learning Programme has helped to ensure that children and families have a sense of routine, enjoy a virtual school timetable, maintain social contact with classmates and teachers and feel part of the school community, whilst continuing to learn during the lockdown period. Collectively, these factors have been vitally important for the children’s emotional and education stability. When the Government announced that there would be an indefinite school site closure in March, we were able to respond incredibly with the launch of our programme due to the comprehensive nature of our existing and versatile infrastructure, and our unique approach to education.

‘We were in no doubt that Newland House would put in place a fantastic home schooling programme for the children, who continue to be educated in a captivating and engaging way.’ (Year 2 parent)

IT Infrastructure

  • Firefly, our cloud-based learning portal, was already embedded as an effective learning and communication tool and we could quickly make adaptations to facilitate the delivery of a remote timetable.
  • Every child in Year 5 upwards has a personal school iPad and was already fully conversant with digital learning.
  • Our flexible and dedicated teachers quickly embraced Webex video software and in March, we became the largest school Webex Programme in the UK.
  • This infrastructure facilitated the delivery of our remote timetable, combining ‘live teaching’ through webinars, supplemented by flexible recorded lessons, resources and activities, helping parents to balancing working from home and supporting their children.


  • Our staff developed a comprehensive remote timetable using the excellent content and structure of our enriched curriculum, our extensive range of resources whilst introducing new ideas that especially lend themselves to remote learning.
  • We have ensured accessibility for Nursery and very our youngest pupils through remote one to one and small group sessions, supporting them on a granular basis and providing exceptional learning continuity and maintaining contact and routine.
  • We have remotely hosted school assemblies, Easter parties, sports challenges, story time and virtual concerts, helping us to preserve a strong sense of community and togetherness.


  • Safeguarding the well-being of our children has been critical throughout this period and we have monitored attendance to ensure that every pupil is well and able to access learning.
  • Remote form-time has brought children together in a familiar environment where they celebrate family events, birthdays, share their news and discuss any worries.
  • Children with special learning needs have continued to benefit from the remote support of their Learning Support Assistants.
  • We have provided comprehensive on-site childcare and complimentary holiday and after-school provision for the children of key workers, and those who are vulnerable.

Our Home Learning Programme has been exceptionally well received by parents and we will continue to develop and enrich our offering over the summer term, and for as long as pupils remain unable to access the school site.

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