How to be Creative

For TW regular Imogen Bond, it’s been a summer of communal creativity… 

We often think of being creative as a solitary activity – the artist in their studio, the writer in their garret – but to me creativity is also about community. Maybe that’s because my creative background is in theatre, where it’s impossible to make anything on your own! 

As a theatre director, my job was to help everyone be creative together in order to make the performance…of course it wasn’t complete until we had the audience there. Theatre is always an act of communal creativity. 

Since starting Bumblebee, I’ve found different kinds of creative communities. Whenever someone subscribes to Bumblebee I send them a note welcoming them to the hive. Subscribers can share what they’ve made, inspired by the creative prompts sent with each book, and I reshare them on Instagram for other Bumblebees to see. It’s a great way to share your response to the book with other readers: in a regular book club you meet to chat – our members do the same but via their own creative writing or artwork! 

A new creative community

This summer I’ve been hosting an Instagram creativity challenge, and a whole new creative community has emerged. Each week I’ve shared a creative prompt – a summer-inspired word or phrase that you can respond to creatively in any way you want. The only rule is you can’t buy anything new, you have to make your creation using what you can find at home (great for your creative brain, and for the planet). 

Each week dozens of creative responses have been shared: from floral creations made from blown roses and collages made from recyclable packaging, to poems, drawings, embroidery, piano compositions and even a Frida Kahlo-inspired pin cushion. Our Bee is just three years old…I’m not exactly sure who the oldest member of the hive is, but I imagine we’re covering a good six decades! 

It’s been a really lovely way to find like-minded people who enjoy a creative challenge but it’s also been wonderful to see members of the hive cheering each other on, sharing their tips, and generally being supportive souls. 

If you’d like to see what the hive have been making this summer, take a look at #bumblebeecreativity on Instagram – and if you feel inspired, come and join the hive yourself!

Imogen Bond

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