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Who Am I Interviewing This Month?

• Charlie is from Edinburgh and Fran is from Kent.

• They met in London in 2004, got married in 2008 and have lived in south west London ever since.

• Charlie used to work in finance and investment for small businesses and Fran worked in advertising as a consumer researcher. 

• Best lesson learnt in business: “All the clichés have been real for us. You must really think through what you’re doing, ask a few trusted people (but not everyone!) what they think and don’t be afraid of constructive criticism. Then keep the belief in yourself and your idea at all times, be super-resilient and you will succeed.”

Have you guessed who it is yet? No?

• It’s a family business.

• The first few years were very tough, building a business from scratch with lots of daily challenges. 

• “To have got through that, then see our premises full of happy smiling customers having a great time, and to have done it together has been an incredible chapter of our lives, and we’re excited about really getting going post-coronavirus.” 

• They love their local parks and have always spent lots of time in them, especially since having children!

It can only be, Charlie and Fran Oppenheim of The Stables Café at Orleans House Gallery.

They felt that although London’s amazing heritage architecture and green spaces are so special, many of the cafés in them weren’t quite up to the standard of their surroundings… So they started their company to put great cafés into special places. 

The couple have family and friends in Twickenham and have always known the area, so when the opportunity came up to run the beautiful Stables Café at Orleans House, they leapt at it! “It’s an incredible place with the Octagon Room, the Gallery and its riverside location, but most of all, the wonderful community who are passionate about the area and so much a part of café life.” 

The Stables Café at Orleans House Gallery, Twickenham Riverside 

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