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Who Am I Interviewing This Month?

• In 2016 he moved to England due to the war in Syria.

• He is from Aleppo, which is the oldest inhabited city in history, famous for food and arts.

• He is a law graduate but has worked in the field of commerce and business.

• His first business started in Teddington – an area that he loved – and in a short period of time the business gained an excellent reputation both from local residents and companies. 

• In 2019 he decided to expand in south-west London, so opened a new branch in Twickenham.

• Of his business mantra, ‘You receive as much as you give’, he explains: “I do not think about profit; I think about success instead, because with success profit will come.”

Have you guessed who it is yet? No?

• In his spare time, he plays sports and loves spending time with his wife.

• He also enjoys video calls with his mother who still lives in Syria. His wish is to reunite with his mother so he can feel that his family is complete again.

• In 2020, despite the pandemic, he was able to make his business dream come true by officially opening in Twickenham. His aim is now to open a third branch. 

• During lockdown he and his staff have tried to help the community, especially the elderly and vulnerable, by shopping for their groceries and/or collecting medicines on their behalf. “We want to encourage them to stay home and be safe”.

• His business participated in a project for hospitals, in which he and his team provided nearly 4,000 meals. He felt it was the least he could offer the NHS medical team who have made many sacrifices to help us all. 

It can only be one person: Ahmad Hammami of Sidra Lebanese Café.

SIDRA is a Lebanese restaurant that gives you the authentic taste of Middle Eastern cuisine using traditional recipes. For many locals it is now their favourite business in Twickenham because every day they prepare and provide fresh food at a reasonable price, suitable for everyone.  

Sidra as a business has won a number of awards and in 2020, they won first place in the ‘Hospitality World Cup’ for restaurants in Teddington, organised by Teddington NUB News.  More recently they were extremely happy to be nominated as Superheroes by Discover Twickenham for their work providing free school meals and food to the homeless. 

Ahmad is grateful to this country for offering him the right to reside, work and above all to feel safe. He and his team would like to thank every person who has helped the business grow and supported them throughout their journey so far. 

SIDRA, 8 York Street, Twickenham 

Telephone: 020 8241 0062


Con O’Brien, Business Consultant 

0785 401 3864

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