Kate Chesshyre from www.refill-larder.co.uk Spoke to Charlotte Morley from The Little Loop

What is The Little Loop? Launching in Spring, The Little Loop is a new online subscription service for parents to hire ethical and sustainable clothing for their children from a small number of well-respected brands. Each item of clothing will be rented out four or five times, extending their lifecycle; the aim being to move away from the wastage caused by fast fashion habits.

How did you have the idea? When my daughters were born, I realised that the planet they’ll inherit is very different from the one I was born into. Fewer trees, more plastic. Less wilderness, more pollution… I knew that if I wanted anything to change I needed to do something about it. It took until I had kids, and saw the waste involved in bringing up children, to know what I could do. I was working at ‘notonthehighstreet’ at the time, so starting a business aimed at changing the way the retail system works for the better seemed like a natural step.

Why children’s clothing rental? Did you know that if we carry on our current path, by 2050, textiles production will use more than a quarter of the carbon budget for the current target of 2°C global warming? But if we can extend the life of clothes by just 3 months it could reduce the UK’s carbon footprint by around 10%. Renting smashes this out of the park. Children’s clothes have the potential to be rented out 4 or 5 times. And because of how quickly kids grow out of their clothes that’s another 9-12 months of wear than they’d normally get, reducing their environmental footprint by up to 75%.

How does it work? Our quarterly subscription gives parents an average of 5 items at a time for around 1/3 RRP. We’ve partnered with some of the best, ethical and sustainable children’s brands so that you can shop without compromise, adding the clothes which suit your children best into your subscription. Swap them whenever you need… either because the seasons have changed, they’ve grown again, or you simply fancy a change. And because we guarantee garments will reach their maximum potential lifespan you can clothe your children, safe in the knowledge that you’re creating less waste and a smaller carbon footprint.

How can people help? We launch in April to a small number of customers who will trial the service for us. If you’d like to be involved, and have a child who’ll be aged between 2 and 3 from April to October this year please get in touch ( charlotte@ thelittleloop.com). Or you can join the waiting list on the website for our public launch later in the year. http://www.thelittleloop.com

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