Kindness in a Jar

Harry Symington Tucker, aka Sugar Boy, is a local, young entrepreneur with a charitable spirit. Here, Harry tells us about his business and the charities he is helping.

I started Sugar Boy when I was 11½ years old, originally selling a type of sweet concoction created by a fictional Professor Bon Bon, which would aid you in your day. For example, my ‘Antifreeze’ jar (full of blue sweets!) would defrost you in the morning, preparing you for the day ahead. However, as I got older I decided to mature my business and make it more meaningful. I wanted the jars of sweets to do some good.

Helping others

I now sell jars of meaningful sweets tailored to the charity they support, with £1 from each jar sold going to the charity. The jars are filled with sweets that match the theme or aims of the charity; for example, the jars supporting the British Dyslexia Association are filled with little letter-shaped sweets. My ‘You’re Loved’ jars are filled with love hearts, in support of the Campaign to End Loneliness, which helps to make the lives of elderly people more interesting and fulfilled.

I currently support nine charities, all UK-based, including Battersea Dogs Home (my ‘Puppy Love’ jar is very popular!), The Vineyard, Renewable World, Rainforest Alliance, Young Minds, Ditch the Label and the Sea Life Trust. 

My inspiration 

My mother was a big inspiration to me when I first started out – she herself is an entrepreneur, having started businesses such as Not On The High Street and Holly&Co. When she encouraged me to start a business, we took the one thing I knew a lot about – sweets – and decided to create a story out of them!

I’m currently studying A levels in Business, History, Politics and Classical Civilisation so am busy with my studies but I would love to make a subscription service for Sugar Boy in the future, and am aiming to support a total of 12 charities by the end of 2022.

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