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Louisa Carradine runs an online refill delivery service, providing organic wholefoods to the local community. 

Here she explains what prompted her to start her business:

In the UK, most food packaging is single-use plastic, meaning it is only used once before being thrown away. Most of the waste in landfill sites is single-use items. Or these items end up in our rivers and sea with catastrophic results. Shops and supermarkets contribute much of this waste by using excessive plastic packaging. I wanted an alternative for my family. It should be easy and convenient to buy cupboard essentials without plastic: Strawberry Fill Station was born.

Our cupboard essentials are delivered in reusable, eco-friendly cotton bags. When customers re-order, we deliver the new items in fresh cotton bags and collect the used ones. The bags are then washed and reused over and over again.

Not producing rubbish in the first place is always better than having something to throw away or recycle. Worldwide, only 10-13% of plastic items are recycled. However, for most of us, living entirely plastic-free is not realistic. Strawberry Fill Station allows our customers to reduce their plastic use, combined with enjoying a wide range of organic and healthy food choices such as dried fruit, nuts, cereals and pasta. We also offer environmentally friendly household products, including refillable bottled hand soaps, washing-up liquid, and all-purpose cleaner.

We want to help people make simple changes to reduce plastic waste. Together we can make a big impact. With the Thames, local parks and green spaces playing a significant part in our lives, we want to protect wildlife habitats from being destroyed by plastic pollution so nature can thrive. Our ultimate ambition is for Richmond Borough to be the plastic-free pioneers for living sustainably.

Strawberry Fill Station



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