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To find something that you really want to do in life at a young age is something we all would like to aspire to achieve. Charlie Hogben is only 24 years old and is one of those lucky people. A chance meeting between her father David and one of the Radio Jackie news team Jacqui Kerr presented an opportunity for her to work at Radio Jackie in Tolworth.

Radio Jackie really fulfils a community role as “The Sound of South West London”. During the pandemic it’s been a sound that has cheered up its listeners whilst weaving its own path through lockdown. It’s an incredibly fun place to work and prides itself on giving a piece of radio experience to many people who think the airwaves are a place they would like to work.

Charlie lives in Strawberry Hill, she attended St Catherine’s School in Twickenham and graduated with a first-class degree in Human Geography. She currently works as a Production Secretary in TV for Open Mike Productions.

Charlie set about doing a travel demo for Lucy Mayer who is the Radio Jackie News and Travel Editor. She listened to many travel bulletins to learn about the format and pace that was needed. She has admitted that she overly prepares for anything because she has dyslexia. Her thorough preparation reaped some very quick rewards and she soon found herself on one of Radio Jackie’s most listened to programmes which is the Drive show with Mick Brown once a week on Wednesdays.

She recently did an interview with Jacqui Kerr about what working on Radio Jackie has done for her. She has learnt the skills of presenting and radio very quicky under the guidance of the team and especially with Mick on air who always managed to put her at ease. She freely admits to reading her bulletins a few minutes before she went on air in front of him and his aura of experience helped to calm her nerves and relax her before the fader went up.

Radio Jackie has really helped her self-confidence, some of which she puts down to listeners ringing in after recognising a new voice and praising her and saying how she had brightened their day whilst stuck in traffic. Her work at Radio Jackie has added valuable experience to her TV work which is behind the scenes whereas Radio Jackie has shown her life at the front end of production. She has fallen in love with radio and one of her proudest moments was when she played her first bulletin to her grandparents without telling her who it was. Radio Jackie has opened up a new world of working with like-minded friendly people in an industry where she now feels she belongs. 

Jacqui Kerr

Jacqui works as a broadcast journalist for Radio Jacqui in Tolworth.

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