Marketing Your Business Has Never Been So Important

Small business owners in Teddington truly find themselves in unusual times and operating under a different set of pressures. The current lockdown measures have reduced the ability for bricks and mortar businesses to gain revenues.

So, where does a business go to capture audience eyeballs?

According to Comscore, a leading worldwide traffic auditing company, consumers are heavily moving to online sources, with online gaming, fitness, short video, in-home dining, cooking, online reading, social media and music all showing significant consumption rises. This rise is all online. (Souce: Comscore Jan 20 – Mar 20)

However, for many Teddington businesses, there is a fear of moving their messaging to digital channels, a lack of knowledge on how to present themselves. The answer is simple, they should present their businesses in the same way as they do offline. The branding should be the same, the experience provided should yield a result in the least amount of clicks. A consumer wants to get to their result as quickly as possible, be that gaining information or purchase. Businesses must keep this in mind when considering their communication to the market.

A business should look at understanding who their target audience is. What age, their gender, their interests if possible? A business which understands this can then construct marketing and general content that appeals to that audience directly, and more importantly, position themselves as a thought leader and trusted source for what they do.

A starting point for businesses is their website. Never has it been more critical to have a digital presence like this. With online consumption rising and the Internet being the main starting point for purchase research, A business website must be visible, accessible on mobile devices, easy to access and have the most up to date information about services and products. Social Media should be a consideration for businesses. Facebook alone has 43M active users in the UK with 19,000 active users in Teddington and is being heavily consumed during this difficult time for businesses. Other big social channels to consider are Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Finally, Digital Advertising such as Google Ads, Facebook Advertising provides an opportunity to reach audiences through targeted keywords and interests/ behaviours that matter to an individual business. This approach can lead to higher sale conversion.

Teddington based businessman; Todd Curle of Amplify My Sales has used Media in a Box for the design of a new logo and a brand new website, which are coming shortly. He states, “we understand the need for our business to be visible digitally. We have invested to ensure that our branding is recognisable and that our potential customers have a great experience when they use our website”.

Small local businesses continue to be the backbone of Britain’s economy. This current situation will not change that. Business is truly local.

Steve Hamilton is the Director of Media in a Box, a digital, media and creative consultancy. Steve has held senior positions with companies including KM Media Group, Reach Plc (Formerly Trinity Mirror) and now supports local businesses with media and marketing consultancy.

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