Nature Walks in Crane Park 2020

by Cathy Cooper

The year 2020 was certainly challenging and different.  The situation made people change their daily habits and one prominent feature was the need to exercise.

Crane Park

I found myself taking daily walks and discovering streets, parks and little corners of Twickenham that I never knew existed. I always took a camera. 

Earlier in the year when lockdown first started, there was no noise or pollution from aeroplanes or road traffic. Birdsong suddenly became very distinct, the colours of flowers seemed brighter and more intense and there was an abundance of butterflies. Instead of my normal fast pace, I found myself walking slowly and quietly absorbing the atmosphere. 

Crane Park was particularly good for observing the natural world.  I spent many hours walking to the Nature Reserve and once I was delighted to find the elusive kingfisher perched on a branch near the Shot Tower. Another time and barely visible amongst the reeds, I spotted a large Marsh Frog resting on a piece of wood. The ever-watchful heron standing stock still was a common sight but still one to relish.  One day a ramble on a less trodden path brought me to the grave of Beaky the Blue Tit.  

My walks in Crane Park have all been eventful in one way or another.  We are lucky that there are many green spaces around Twickenham which are full of history and wildlife and often the unexpected.

Crane Park is monitored and managed by volunteers from Friends of the River Crane Environment. Visit for more details.

Cathy Cooper,

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